• M. M. Dillon

Time To Let Go Of Judging Your Feelings

For a long time, I thought to have spiritual growth meant I should never really have adverse feelings. I shouldn't get angry, scared, or even have days of feeling lazy and unaccomplished. Being lonely or feeling misunderstood were not options. If I was spiritual, that meant I needed to be above certain 3D feelings.

The truth is, or should I say my truth is, it's okay to feel. It is okay to feel every emotion under the sun — all of them.

It has been said Jesus was the most powerful empath to have ever walked the earth. And when Jesus was here, he felt human emotions, even adverse ones. During his time, he felt scared, abandoned, sad, and betrayed. It's my understanding that Jesus never taught us not to have our feelings. Yet, by example, he showed how we could deal with our emotions. How to change perspective, and look through the eyes of love even when it was difficult to do so.

I have learned, and I am still learning that I can have all my feelings. I can be sad or afraid without thinking I am falling short of my journey. I have grown to focus instead on how I react when I am feeling those adverse emotions. Even then, I don't beat myself up if I fall short when I play Monday morning quarterback. I try better next time.

In my experience, once I stopped berating myself, everything changed. I still get angry or sad sometimes, but I don't fight it anymore; I accept my current emotions. The less I compete against myself, the less time those kinds of feelings stick around.

It's a process.

Sometimes accepting we are still good even if we aren't feeling good is hard.

Permit yourself to have your emotions.

Show yourself love and patience.

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