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The 4 Most Powerful Sentences You Could Ever Say...

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

On your journey of self-development and growth, there are 4 sentences that have enormous potency.

They are:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Yup, you read it right.

This is known as the Ho’oponopono Prayer.

Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English as a correction. In original practice, it is a family healing. An entire family would be present along with a moderator. Each family member would have a chance to ask for forgiveness from the others.

The theory is that we carry our past into our present. A troubling experience associated with an action or person caused an emotion at the time it happened. When we recall the memory we also have that feeling we associate with that experience. This is the cause of a lot of today’s stress and anxieties.

In 1976, Morranah Nalamak Simeona revamped the practice as we use it today. Morranah was a gifted Hawaiian healer and honored as a Living Treasure of Hawaii.

As western culture visited Hawaii more Morranah saw the dis-ease of the people who came to her. She understood getting visitors' entire families in for healing was not probable. So she created the steps that one person connecting with their divine source could perform this healing practice.

I have read different ways people use this Hawaiian practice.

You can think of that person who you associate with a memory that you would like to heal.

You say the prayer to them and cut the invisible cord that binds you together. As the cord is cut the person is cloaked in golden light and carried away.

Another way is to yourself. We all have our own things we wish we did differently. Mistakes we made against others and against ourselves. You can just repeatedly say the four sentences or you can picture the child you once were that needs to hear those words.

Ho’oponopono stands in the belief that we are all connected consciousness so when you forgive another you forgive yourself. When you forgive yourself you forgive others. Either way you chose to practice this it is a powerful healing tool.

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