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How A Small Change Can Turn Your Life Around

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

So your life is a bit of a shit show and you want to change... it ALL.

You have no clue where to start. You are extremely overwhelmed.

What if you could start small?

I am talking so small that you can’t even see it. This one small thing is a game-changer. I am talking about changing your beliefs. Maybe not all of them, maybe just some of them.

Let’s just start with one.

I want to explain how it works:

Beliefs become thoughts.

Thoughts become feelings.

Feelings become actions.

Actions become behaviors.

Behaviors become habits.

Habits become a lifestyle.

A lifestyle becomes a life cycle.

(That was a mouthful, but let it sink in).

This is our whole life all day, every day.

We unconsciously do this, it is just how our brain works. We begin acquiring beliefs the day we are born. We learn to believe certain people will provide for our needs, we will get fed and held. Beliefs build as the days and years go on.

How many beliefs do you have based on one or two not so great experiences?

What beliefs were past onto you by loved ones, school systems, society?

How many beliefs do you have that you don’t even know you have?

What beliefs do you have that once served you well in a certain time in your life but are now holding you back?

All these beliefs become our life cycle.

We constantly and consistently live out our beliefs.

Here’s an example; let’s take finances. You work really hard. You save your pennies.

Yet, money is always a bit of a struggle. It is something you worry about.

Have you ever thought about why?

Why do you worry? What is your true belief about money?

Maybe your parents worked really hard and saved and cut coupons. You could sense your parent's stress that things were tight.

So you have acquired beliefs about money.

Such as, you must work really hard or there isn’t enough for all of us.

Remember beliefs become action.

Good News! You can change your life for the better by changing your beliefs. Yay!

I have some tips for you:

-Take a topic in your life that you struggle with.

-Sit and write down some things you feel and think about this subject.

-Look at what you wrote and think about why? How do these statements make you feel?

-If there is a statement you wrote that you would like to change mark it.

-Think about what you want to replace it with,

For example, instead of believing that there is not enough (fill in the blank). Change statement to there is enough (fill in the blank) for me.

-What you change has to be believable to yourself.

The permanent change will not happen overnight. But IT WILL HAPPEN.

Reevaluate your belief system. Purge what is not yours, let go of no longer serves you. Make sure to replace those with beliefs that feel good and resonate with who you are now and where you want to be.

As you continue to do this you will see that changing a belief, a tiny little thing that you cannot even see, can totally turn your entire life around!

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