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9 Ways To Be In Love With Yourself.

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I cannot express how very important it is to truly love yourself. We may think we are taking care of ourselves but in reality, we are not in the ways we need. When we don’t show ourselves love, bad things happen...yikes!

We could experience illness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, feeling numb to life, and becoming overly emotional.

I would like to share some healthy ways to Love You!

1. Give Gratitude.

Life may be totally kicking your ass at the moment, but I bet you can still find things to be grateful for. Start very general if you need to, like “I am grateful for my beating heart.” “I am grateful for the sun.” Keep going!

2. Tell Yourself Positive Things.

You have known you all your life. Think of things you like about yourself. These could be physical attributes, characteristics, or actions you performed. Sit with those wonderful thoughts for awhile.

3. Outwardly Show You Care For You.

Physically do things for yourself that make you feel good. Do something that makes you smile, makes you smarter, makes you stronger, enhances your appearance, makes your heart go thump-thump.

4. Become One With Your Higher Self.

This will take time, but you gotta start somewhere. Meditation is a way to do this. You can start out with 10 minutes. Be patient and keep trying. In no time you will have it down pat!

5. Listen To Your Body.

Our bodies talk to us all the time. Most times we don’t listen until it’s screaming. We will listen to our ego brain before the quiet subtleties of our body’s cues. Start small, give yourself choices to something that is not very important. Sit and listen to how your body responds to each choice.

6. Speak Your Truth.

Oh Man! This was a task for me. I would live mostly doing what others expected of me or what I thought was expected of me. Definitely NOT listening to my body. Occasionally things would build up and when I finally did speak my truth it would come from a place of hurt...not good. Learn to speak your truth from a place of love. Love for yourself. This too takes time and not everyone will be thrilled, that’s okay.

7. Put Yourself First.

Plain and simple. If you are not strong you cannot take care of others to the very optimum of your ability. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

8. Trust Yourself.

You really do know what’s best for you. The more you practice the other steps the easier this will come. When you are in a good place your actions come solely from a place of love. When you are acting from love it’s easy to trust yourself.

9. Forgive Yourself.

You are not perfect. Mistakes have been made, It is easy to look back and criticize. You need only to learn and move on. Accepting that you have made mistakes and will make more yet still deserve all the things listed above is important,

There are so many benefits to showing yourself true love such as; We don’t stay stuck in negative emotions or experiences, there is a balance between our mind and body, we are physically healthier and stronger, we enjoy life more!

Be Yourself, Love Yourself No Matter What!

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